Redraw the Farm was founded in 1998 by brothers Mark and Brett Coddington and Rick Spruce. Even at that early stage, the boys were committed to writing and performing original music. Through the years, members left and members joined. In the summer of 2002, fate would bring Abe Dunaway into the fold. Combining Marks's intense and lyrical drumming, Brett's mastery of multiple instruments, and Abe's 'Red Dirt' sensibilities, Redraw the Farm experienced a renaissance in 2005. As a three-piece, Redraw the Farm was named the best original band by the Colorado Springs Independent. 

As years passed, members came and went. After an eight year sabbatical, Rick Spruce returned to the fold. The boys played regular gigs throughout Colorado Springs. However, fate would once again rear its beautiful face. 

In February of 2014, a young and fresh-faced Kelly Champlin would join the band on stage for a gig. The result was nothing less than spectacular. Kelly's vocals and fiddle prowess brought the band to a whole new level. 

As a five-piece Americana band, Redraw the Farm harnesses the power of its five individual members and forges a fresh and exciting amalgam of rock, folk, Americana, Irish, punk, country, and blues.